Bloodworks Not-So-Scary Blooddrive

Bloodworks NW

When you think of working for a blood bank the usual reaction isn’t “Hooray! I can’t wait!” but this group of creatives have built an incredible in-house team! They make it fun and get people involved through quirky and engaging social media posts and fun events. From celebrities to mascots to humor to education, the team at Bloodworks NW brings the full package and they make working with them a blast!

Bloodworks Not-So-Scary Blooddrive

Halloween comes but once a year and in Seattle the Georgetown Morgue is the spot to be to get the scare you’re looking for! Each year Bloodworks NW has partnered with the Morgue to bring you the “Not-So-Scary Blooddrive.” Its an opportunity to help your fellow mand and to get to skip the line (that can run to over 4 hours!) with three of your friends! Talk about a “Win-Win!”

Bloodworks NW - Bold for Blood - iFLY Promotion

The latest from two of my clients together! This is the brainchild of the three of us working together: Bloodworks, iFLY and Radford Creative. We had a blast making it and it shows. This is running from September 1, to the middle of November 2018.

Bobby Wagner Campaign

Seattle NFL Linebacker Bobby Wagner adds his own special flare to a campaign that brought in record numbers of donations from “12’s” across the pacific North West! Way to go Bobby!

Dr Haley - What is Apheresis?

Dr Haley, of Bloodworks NW, gives us the downlow on what other ways you can donate blood products in this first of a series for the charity.


Thanksgiving Cider

You know what goes great with donating blood? A nice hot cup of apple cider. Isn’t that better?

Donating with Doppler

Doppler is the mascot for the Seattle Storm the WNBA team that has been lighting up the boards all season. He is the king of excitement and brings his special talents to a new adventure… Blood Donation!


Make it a Double

This is really the quirky video that started it all. This is the one that made me understand I was working with a group that really knew their stuff. When they shared the concept of “Make it a Double” they had everything down and it was a dream to shoot. I did get to get my own ideas in but credit where it’s due goes to the in house team at Bloodworks NW.

A Bloodworks Wedding Surprise

a wonderful couple who really like to give back as part of their lives helped out on their most special day. It was an event to remember!

Partners in Life

Built to be shown at a gala event for a “raise the paddle” portion of a live auction, this small piece shares some reasons why people donate.