Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center is more than just a fun place for kids. They have a lot going on that helps kids of all ages understand their world. In 2017 we were asked to create some new advertising for PACSCI and the results were pretty wonderful. There was a large mix of outdoor banners in outrageous sizes up to 70 feet tall and some great TV ads as well.

The goal was to increase both awareness and interest in the new exhibits on offer at the center. The ads ran for three months and generated hundreds of thousands of impressions across broadcast and digital media, while a concerted outdoor campaign reenforced the message. The results were what you hope for in a market like ours, more attendance and better numbers for memberships.

Ignite Your Curiosity!

This is the 30 second spot that ran throughout the holiday period in the local Seattle area and was built to get kids interested in seeing how science is done, right here at PACSCI!