Show Reel for Radford Creative, a video and still photography company based in Seattle Washington

Bloodworks NW client videos

Bobby brings us the big Bloodworks campaign of the year with a series of challenges.
Dr Haley from BLoodworks NW describes what apheresis is and how it works in the first installment of "Ask Bloodworks."
This thanksgiving Bloodworks is giving you HOT CIDER with your donation! Doesn't that just sound wonderful?

Pacific Science Center Fall Campaign

Ignite your curiosity at the Pacific Science Center!

New videos for iFLY Seattle!

Elijah is an amazing kid with some incredible skills! He has been asked to join the US National team to compete in the World Championship of Indoor Skydiving in Bahrain in September 2018! He shares his interest in this new and exciting sport. He trains at iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Seattle, WA.
A group of seniors come in to fly and magic happens!

Now offering Drone photography and 4K video capture/editing

We finally bit the bullet and got ourselves into the emerging aerial market with our new DJI drone. It allows us to get great images and video in up to 4K resolution from nearly anywhere. Amazingly smooth and detailed imagery can be added to any project. Ask about how you can incorporate aerial imagery into your vision today. 

A new capability for Radford Creative is the use of the new Drone! We are having great success working with this new aerial tool. Ask about using it for your project!

BMW - i8 Green Supercar

Summer of 2016 we got a chance to film and shoot still photos for BMW for the "Born Electric" campaign for their "i series" vehicles. We did a number of stills for the i3 but later I got a chance to shoot with my good friend Lou Maxon a series of videos featuring the incredible i8! The following videos were all shot and edited in 72 hours with a crew of three including myself, Lou and Jack Maxon. 

Explone - Your Secret Name

I got a chance to create a storytelling video for the song "Your Secret Name" off of the album "Suicide Fences" by the band Explone. 

Front Desk - Promo

Local company Front Desk changes how service companies like Fitness clubs, Yoga 

Some recent work I did for Front Desk. We got a great script from the client that really worked. Great voice over work and a great group of actors made it an easy project to complete. 

Experience Momentum - 1% for the Planet

The above video was created for a Physical Therapy client who has joined with many other companies to become part of the "1% For The Planet" movement. 

Verity Credit Union - Tanner Hatch "Chalkboards"

The latest video for my own credit union Verity. Tanner Hatch creates a very cool chalkboard.  

Family Law CASA - Let Kids Be Kids

The Above video was created for The Hacker Group and their client CASA. I worked as DP on this as well as assisting with talent auditions, location scouting, editing, sound production and color correcting. The project was shot on RED One cameras and edited in R3D Raw format. 

Experience Momentum - Sam's Story

In this story Sam talks about losing his leg and how the team at Experience Momentum helped him regain the ability to run.  

Chef Daisley Gordon - The Perfect Dinner Omlette

On this video Chef Daisley Gordon of Marché and cafe Campagne shares a simple recipe for making a fantastic dinner omlette. Shot, Directed, and sound capture done by Radford Creative. Second camera and edit done by Lift Digital. This was a very fun collaboration.  

InternMatch - Job Interview

This was a viral video made for and  intended to be a viral video. the production was supervised by Andrew and Nate at InternMatch and featured the fantastic comedy stylings of the Jet City Improv team! 

Park Community Credit Union - Working With Family

We were asked to create a series of :30 and :15 commercials for broadcast in the Louisville KY area. We did interviews with members and staff of Park Community Credit Union and came up with some great testimonial pieces.  

Explone - Complicated

A fantastic rock anthem from my friend Pat Porter of the band Explone. Pat came up with the concept and we got out and shot the whole thing in about half a day across the south part of seattle.