Sometimes I find things that just stick in my mind. If I have an idea that I can’t shake it will often end up here.

Love is like a magic penny...

For years I have been working with a group that I literally just fell in with through random chance and I have come to know the people who organize the main event as well as one could. I am talking about the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. It happens near the end of the summer each year and has been steadily growing since it started 6 years ago.  

I have been mighty blessed to have met and worked with the people who created the walk. My insurance agent Kim Hogle began it with a very special doctor from Swedish Hospital, Greg Foltz. 

Dr. Foltz passed away this last year from another form of cancer. His energy will be dearly missed but his vision lives on with more and more patients being helped by the walk that gives 100% or their donations to the Swedish Neuroscience Institute.  

Here is a link to the gallery where you can see this years images. Please feel free to make a donation here. 

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