When you have a massively creative brain like my friend Lou Maxon does and you have access to a supercar from BMW, there are a number of things you could do with it. Lou asked me to come over to his place and take a look at his new car. He told me to bring my toys with me and with the help of his sons and some fancy driving on Lou’s part, we got these three spots. The films shared here were all shot in a three hour period and from concept to final edits we created the whole project in less than 72 hours. This was a personal project that took on a life of its own. If we can do this with zero budget and only 3 days, Imagine what we can do for you with even a limited budget.


This design oriented piece shows how things interact through symmetry and aesthetics. The concept came from Lou Maxon of Maxon Inc. advertising and branding. The idea of taking a quote from Charles Eames and overlaying some of his own designs over it appealed very much to Lou. His son shot all of the still images that were used in the making of the final video. I loved the end results.

Green is Go

Green is go! Is a piece with great music by Lemon Jelly. Concept by Lou Maxon.


Based on the poem “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau, this piece used audio that I recorded of several of my neighbors and friends to get something I could layer together to create a multi-age and multi-textured sound. The juxtaposition of nature and supercars being a strange one, is still in keeping with the concept of the I8 as it is a hybrid car with lots of green features.